Researcher Bass-Baritone Educator
Oral Moses: Bass Baritone, Researcher, Educator

Welcome to the Oral Moses Homepage!

This homepage is designed to share with you my career experiences, music and vital historical information about my passion, the Negro Spiritual.

Check out my biography and see where my career aspirations have taken me as a Singer, Voice Teacher and Lecturer on subjects of the Music of Africans and African Americans. Read and learn about the development of the Negro Spiritual and its earliest performers. Listen to any of several CDs that I have recorded and hear exciting and beautiful songs that detail the horrific lives of enslaved Africans whose faith demonstrated their unquestionable belief that God would, one day, deliver them. These songs certainly will uplift you and inspire you to hear more and learn more.

Don't forget to visit the links to this site and enjoy other website that will provide you with even more information that will educate you and expand your knowledge on this engaging and exciting topic, Negro Spirituals.

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